L A A R C is a collective of four young professionals in disciplines of landscape architecture, urbanism and architecture founded in 2019 by Zuzana Jančovičová, Davor Dušnić, Ida Bjallerbæk Pedersen and Katarína Labáthová after winning Europan 15 competition. Coming from different European backgrounds, they’ve met each other in the Netherlands. Together they’ve created a winning urban renewal proposal for a socially and ecologically sustainable neighbourhood in Rotterdam. 

Davor Dušanić is a landscape architect, graduated from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia (BSc) and Wageningen University (MSc) in the Netherlands. During the studies, he participated in international student competitions focusing on redevelopments of city districts within dense urban landscapes. These projects deepened his interest in a public space design in relationship with interventions on urbanistic scale. Since 2016 he works at Karres en Brands landscape architecture and urbanism. Within the office, he mostly works on projects related to public space design in residential areas, town squares and occasionally larger urban plans that require elaborated public space strategy from a design guideline to a detailed design level. His interest mainly lies in making exciting urban places that have a solid design argumentation both on urban systems and aesthetic level.

Katarína Labáthová is an architect with a minor in urban planning, graduated in Sustainability and User-Oriented Architecture at Sint-Lucas Ghent (KU Leuven, BE). During her studies and work, she developed an interest in site-specific design approach, sustainable design and the 21st-century challenges, and the variety of aesthetics in the built environment. After finishing studies, Katarina worked on a variety of projects and scales at NL Architects, Grau Architects (SK), Slangen en Koenis, XML Architecture Research Urbanism. In 2016, Katarina received one of the highest-rated architecture prizes in Slovakia – The Slovak Chamber of Architects Prize CE.ZA.AR for the best interior (with Andrej Olah as Grau Architects). The project was featured in the New York Times in 2019. Since 2018 she is self-employed, and in 2020 she started her studio called LABA. Besides design work, Katarina received a grant from Het Stimulerings Fonds Van Creative Industries (2019) for a research project which conducts an international comparative study into regulations in housing and their impact on the design.

Zuzana Jančovičová is a landscape architect with a minor in social-spatial analysis. She graduated from Wageningen University (NL) and Slovak Agricultural University (SK). During the studies, she developed an interest in the aesthetics, ecology and human perception of living environments. In 2017, Zuzana earned a nomination for Archiprix International, the competition of world’s best graduation projects. After completing her studies, she worked on various landscape & urban visions and design competitions at the offices such as Vista, Karres en Brands and Bureau B+B. Zuzana’s strength lies in conceptual design thinking and creation of clear and appealing project illustrations. Since 2018 she works as a landscape architect at DS and teaches at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam.

Ida Bjallerbæk Pedersen is an architect and planner, graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, Design and Conservation in 2016. Throughout her studies and work, she has worked with projects that required an understanding of socio-economic conditions, spatial demography, strategic planning and sustainable design. All topics essential to how we can design a brighter future. Since 2016, Ida has worked at Karres en brands and has extensive experience with strategic development and tasks in which landscape, architecture and urban design come together. Furthermore, she is interested in themes such as contemporary ruralities, food systems and circular economy.

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